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Sexual Strategies: How Females Choose Their Mates

Long out of print, Mary Batten's classic book on female mate choice is back in a new edition with an update.

What do females want in a mate? How do they go about choosing a mate? Why do women and men lie to each other and to themselves? Why do many men try to control women? Why are so many women attracted to wealthy, powerful men? Is it inevitable that men love to look at young, voluptuous women? This book answers these questions and more.

Although Charles Darwin introduced the theory of female mate choice more than a century ago, only since the 1970s has this once controversial idea been accepted by the scientific community. Studies of female choice have demolished the age-old myth of the passive female. From fruitflies to human beings, female mate choice plays a pivotal role in the evolution of species.

By understanding female mate choice and the female's true power in evolutiion, we see our own complex species with greater clarity. We gain greater insight inito why males and females, including men and women, have built-in conflicts in their mating behavior. This book illuminates the roots of current social problems related to gender competition and shows that they cannot be fully understood outside a biological context.