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In simple, yet scientifically accurate language, this book answers basic questions about when animals sleep, where they sleep, and how long they sleep. Curious readers will learn why dolphins sleep with half their brain, how birds can sleep while flying, and what insect survives by sleeping through the cold winter nights frozen solid!

Artist Higgins Bond's vivid, realistic wildlife illustrations feature animals in their natural environments.

2009 - Recommended by Kansas State Reading Circle/Kansas National Education Association

2008 Honor Book - Science K-6
Society of School Librarians International


"Full of surprises . . . Batten captures her audience with documentary material that surpasses by far the unpredictability of fantasy. . . . This scientific wordsmith makes kids of us all. She resurrects our sense of wonder."
Bill Ruehlmann
The Virginian-Pilot

July 13, 2008

". . . This gentle story describes where, when, how often, and how long different animals sleep. Realistic paintings of particular species at rest fill three-quarters of each double-page spread...Both bedtime book and informational text, this appealing title ends with a short list of books and websites for further research."
Kirkus Reviews

"We read a lot of stories here at bedtime but it is so wonderful to find a nonfiction title that fits cozily into that right-before-lights-out mix. This new book by Batten is a gentle, interesting look at how important sleep is, and how sleep patterns, postures, and places vary among the creatures of the earth. It's also appropriately playful. (The opening sentence is: "Shhh. Please don't wake the animals in this book. They are sleeping." That sets a wonderful, respectful mood for a bedtime read-aloud, in addition to being funny!) The interesting facts (elephants sleep only 3 to 4 hours a day!) are perfectly complemented by Bond's cozy paintings (I especially love the lion looking totally vulnerable, sleeping confidently with its belly exposed to the sun, because, of course, "Who would bother a sleeping lion?") An excellent book on all fronts -- a great classroom gift for a teacher, too."
Sue Corbett
Miami Herald Children's Book Review

"This is definitely one selection readers can cozy up with."
Library Media Connection

"Cozy, moon-glowing illustrations illuminate the pages of this restful, informative picture book--a smart choice for bedtime reading."
Lodi News Central

"A simple science title not only answers basic questions about when animals sleep, where they sleep, and how long they sleep, but also provides fascinating glimpses into some unusual ways of sleeping."
Books for Growing Minds