Hey, Daddy! New book by author Mary Batten.

Hey, Daddy! Animal Fathers and Their Babies

Single mothers are the norm throughout the animal kingdom, but there are some species in which the dads care for their offspring in quite remarkable ways.

Daddy songbirds share parenting duties equally with the mom. Emperor penguin dads incubate the eggs through a dark, freezing Antarctic winter. Meet them and other dads in this book, beautifully illustrated by Higgins Bond. Published by Peachtree Publishers.


"Batten reinforces for all fathers and their children (and their children's moms) the significant role that fathers play in nature . . . This tender book helps all of us better understand the role of fathers in the lives of their children in nature, and to see that human fathers who are nurturing and involved with their children are perfectly natural."
Wayne Parker, Fatherhood website
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"...offers a good deal of information in an attractive format and will be a welcome addition to most libraries."
October 1, 2002

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