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Who Has A Belly Button?


"An informative and interesting look at how belly buttons are formed and how they differ on people and the animals that have them. . . . This inviting book is useful for both reports and answering kids' questions."
School Library Journal

"Belly buttons are just the starting point for a fascinating look at how mammals develop... An especially wonderful book to share with youngsters awaiting the birth of a sibling, and a great addition to the nonfiction library collection."
Kirkus Reviews

"Through this beautifully illustrated book, children at kindergarten or first grade level can explore the belly buttons of gigantic blue whales and miniscule bumblebee bats...This is an ideal read-aloud to begin a study of life cycles...This delightful book will satisfy the natural curiosity of primary students within a scientific framework."
NSTA Recommends

One of the earliest questions young children ask is why they have belly buttons. This book explains how belly buttons connect people to the group of animals called mammals. Every mammal, from the gigantic blue whale to the tiny bumblebee bat, has a belly button. It marks the place where a mammal was connected to its mother before birth.

Stunning, realistically detailed illustrations by artist Higgins Bond.

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